30 April 2008

5/21 days exercise..

My 15 minutes sketch, click here if you're wonder..

Do you do this when you are kid?

My boy did this weeks ago, I think he inspired this by overloaded stickers in his craft box...
This is a Sport goods Factory, with cranes for lifting and truck for transportation..
When I compliments his new creation, I end up stack and stack of the similar factory art-work on my desk.. :)

One of my old illo (Photoshop) that have not being publish before, I drew this to welcome Spring..


29 April 2008

4/21 days exercise.-

My boy is sick today, I took him to the Doctor, also bring my dad along, because his knee is pain for few days now. In the Dr office, the Dr. said my boy chest sounded unclear, he needs x-ray, and for my father, he too need x-ray on his knee, took both of them to the clinic and while we are waiting, I sketched this picture, it's an ad with a photograph I saw about housing, I added green grass background in PSD, I name this "Feel the grass".No drawing from the boy today, but I did a quick sketch on him while we are waiting..(added the piggie in PSD to give the sketch book some color)

28 April 2008

3/21 days

Another illo for third days. If you are wondering what I mean, check Here.Pencil sketch on my boy dancing with Picachu (since he drew Pokémon for past two days).

For my boy, I asked him to draw something different, he drew this... He told me it's about heavy wind blow, and him and his friends got blow away, and they said "Ow".... He said it's funny, even his Kindergarten teacher is laughing when he did the same drawing at school today.. ??. :1I sketched this illo last night, I did the outline and color in Photoshop today (of-course, this one spend more than 15 minutes), this one here got more than a cup cake to compare with day 1 illustration, enough for everyone... Enjoy!
Dedicated this cupcake boy to my sisters especially to my oldest sister's MPing in Malaysia......

27 April 2008

Day 2/21 illustration

Today, I did this pencil sketch, add the Dandelion and bird in Photoshop (to save some time, 15 minutes is really a challenge for me, you see! LOL).
Spring is here for months now, and we still have some snow on the ground, we can't wait to see some green...

To my surprise, my boy did his drawing this morning and show it to me when I woke up!
He's really into the game! Another Pokémon battle, did you see it's a Pokéball he drew? I just notice it today when I give a good look! It's a Poké-Ball (you can see the Original Poké-ball I pasted on his drawing) Haha, terrible Mom me!


26 April 2008

21 Days illustration - Day 1/21

I participate the 21 Days illustration, Gina and Alicia organized a challenging exercise.
Alicia mentioned that Gina Perry ( a wonderful illustrator) who came back from her last conference all charged and inspired. This is what she had to say:
"During Laurie Halse Anderson's keynote at the 2008 NESCBWI conference last weekend, she gave us a challenge. Think you don't have time? She does. At least 15 minutes. Pick a time of day and mark it in your day planner or calender. She mentioned that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Also, pick a buddy or two to help you stay focused and on track. I challenge all of you who read this to join me."I think this will be a good practice for me as I love to draw, but I my drawing have a lot to improve, some more I am bad in timing and lack of creativity, this practice will be a good way for me to gain some skills.
Here is my first illo (digital-PSD), total 16 minutes spent on it. I drew my boy the mini chef , I love sending personal greeting cards to friends and family, so, I drew this to start..
If you wish to join, by all mean, Visit great artist Gina and Alicia site for more detail...... Enjoy!I got my 6 years old boy the practice too, this is his 15 minutes art-work, a Pokemon Battle.


25 April 2008


Inexplicable worry不知道,只是担心!


Wrinkle - IF

In the old days (back in Malaysia), my mom soak the washed bed sheets into starch water for final rinse, she said this is to prevent wrinkle and easy for ironing .


To my niece's 賀

Today is my niece's SF birthday, other than wishing her a Happy Birthday, Congratulation to her and her other half who got married months ago. I promised to draw a picture for her, here it is... ... Lot of good wishes for her from Family in Canada!

Congratulation to SF and LS!



23 April 2008

Spring is around the corner? 春天到了?

Spring is around the corner? Well, Look closely--->April almost over, and we still got snow, heavy snow falled on last weekend and it's still lightly snow up to this week, crazy Northern Cold air hit the city.. Brings too much snow..,
Are there really Spring Fairies..if so, where are they??春天到了? 不!
Spring Fairies 躲在那裡了? 又或者春天天使只是古代的傳說呢?而並不存在的!

19 April 2008

Primitive - IF entry

Primitive IF artist....They are no different from us, just that they carve on rocks, and now we draw and paint on paper or digitally!

14 April 2008

Fail - IF second entry

My second entry for this week Illustration Friday - Fail24 years ago, my mother had a severed head injured, she was hit by a motorcycle. She was in Coma few days later, she was in life support weeks later, in few days Dr. pronounced she's brain dead...
All my sisters and brothers and some close relatives got together to say good bye to my mom when my father disconnect the life support..... I am the youngest in my family, I wish I was there to hold her hand and say my love when she take her last breath...... but..... I FAILED............ I didn't make it....... I was too depressed and I got hold back at home.. My sister told me, mom is in peace, she left with peace tears even she unconscious.... her heart will go on forever in our heart......Yes, we miss her so much......

-Top illo- photoshop

-Bottom illo- ink sketch & Photoshop

13 April 2008

Fail - IF

This week IF entry_Fail.. first entry Months ago, Boy-boy came home with his spelling test paper marking "0/10" .
I was shock, I asked him why? That was unusual, as a matter fact, first time this happened.
We found out he actually missed two words and the rest of the words got shifted, all got marked wrong, I teaches him not to delay or waste time for any words that he can't remember, mark an "X", skip and pay attention to the next one, this way he will not get none words right.
This is a skill he needs to learn as a failures., he knows it was bad, but he knows the failures will not going to stop him keep trying...keep learning..... so far he did good !

07 April 2008

today artwork

Today I drew this ... I love tea cups, I have quite a few of them, just need to find sometime to post them all.

03 April 2008

For Daddy BT

Daddy BT is worry about something, and the little boy is trying to cheer him up by sending him a card...--> He drew this for Daddy (with little help from mommy) "The little boy and daddy"

01 April 2008

Homage IF entry 我們最尊敬的家人

To my oldest sister Ping.
Someone who play a big role in our Family, she is a mentor, a role model a loving and caring sister's.
This week IF entry.
She brought us many good and sweet memories in our childhood, she always lead us in positive manner when come to difficult time, and she is one who keep a strong family bonding between sisters and brothers who all live so far apart......

Thank you Sister, special dedication, and here's my boy presenting these flowers on our behalf to express how lucky we are to have a sister like you! Thank you, Sis! We love you!她為我們這个家勞心勞力,學生時伐她大部份都侍在家帮爸媽照顧這個家,畢業後工作了她又犧牲很多年青人的黄金時间沒多和朋友們去wet,工作的存款很捨的用來買第一份家庭禮物 (有如第一張新Sofa呀、電冰箱、第一瓶Orange juice等等...,不能不提是她給我們小時很多童年最有義意的禮物---> 無論是物質上或心靈上,給我們一个快樂回憶無窮的童年。她一向對人對事却很溫厚,处理事,都很正面,至到現在都好無私的付出愛,不要求任何回報,雖然我們兄弟姐妹分隔多处,但她一直維持濃厚的家人關係,她就是我家大姐! 我想是天賜給爸媽最好的禮物-我家大姐!