29 January 2012


I want to Thank my dear Husband and jot it down here.

We had fun today, we went out shopping, still have lots of year end Sales :)  and we dined out.

I am ashamed about my moody behavior someday, he is good man with big and loving heart.

Today, He shared with me that when he started his new job couple months ago, he suffered severed pain on the right knee cap, he did not tell anyone because he didn't want us to worry , and  since he switch his career with very brave decision (He quite his Drafting job and apply for Canada Post to become a Letter Carrier, an extreme career change, he decides this changes because he has lot of pressure from his previous job and there's a bastard Designer is giving him lots of challenges)
In this case, he didn't want to fail due to the pain because he went through many stages of interview and test, he gotten this far, he can't give up. He just kept quiet and praying that this is a temporary pain,

Luckily he got better, thank God!and now the pain is gone, he adapts very quickly, and today,  he told me all about it. I am so guilty because my husband went through great pressure with his job changed and didn't want to fail to the family, taken all the pain himself, I know partly I give him the pressure too.


My hubby is a great man, Although he faces challenges, he still very diplomatic, optimistic, His ex-company gave him a good farewell, welcome him to return anytime, and his friend offer him opportunity in same Drafting field, but he rejected it, coz he is determine on what he wants, not forcing himself to do something he may be stress out and burn down, he know the income is less but he will be a happier man now.

He is in backing up position now, he get send to different Depo to fill in absent staff, but everywhere he goes, the Supervisor thank him for being great worker, and they always welcome him. I am Proud to marry such a man as my husband.

從一个AutoCAD Drafter become 一個郵差已是难、但老公從不分工作牲質,一樣工作認真,天氣幾凍幾惡劣,他會準備好身、心,也會平常心一樣上班努力工作。怪不得他的以前、之前、目前的老板、经理、同事个个都很敬佩他。

Thank you Dear!  老公,多謝你!

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